Decontamination and Disposal Services

In these unprecedented times, the safety of your staff, customers and residents is of critical importance. EcoEnergy environmental services provide businesses with decontamination and disposal services to keep essential services up and running.

Eco Energy is here to help

  • Retirement homes and senior’s complexes
  • Construction site trailers/offices and heavy equipment cabs
  • Corporate and government offices
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Community facilities (convention centers, sports complex, etc.)
  • Public facilities: Daycares, libraries, schools
  • Transportation: Buses, trains, planes, transport vehicles

On-Site Remediation Services

EcoEnergy offers various levels of disinfection and cleaning as well as removal and disposal of infected materials. Since no two jobs are the same, we provide individual decontamination procedures specific to each facility.

All of our operators are IHSA certified and are supplied with the required personal protective equipment to carry out disinfection and sanitation procedures in accordance with the Federal and Provincial guidelines. Additionally, our knowledgeable staff can provide you with answers to any questions you may have regarding these procedures.