Asbestos Removal /Abatement Services

The health risks caused by exposure to asbestos fibers has led to significant government regulations around its use, abatement, and containment of the dangerous mineral. Here at Ecoenergy, our team of certified and specially trained professionals are equipped to undertake all asbestos abatement services in full accordance with governmental requirements.

magnified anthophyllite asbestos fibers

Why is it dangerous

Almost everyone in our society has been exposed to some asbestos fibres, but for most people the exposure and the risk is very small. When asbestos is disturbed it forms a dust of tiny fibres and this dust can easily be breathed in. Asbestos fibres can split down, reducing in size until they are small enough to travel deep into the body where they pierce the lining of the lungs. The body does not have a mechanism for removing materials from this deep within the lungs and as the asbestos fibres are embedded in the lining, they will remain in the body for the rest of a person’s life.