Fiber Glass Insulation

For decades, fiberglass has been the most commonly used insulation material in home construction. The main reason fiberglass insulation is used is not however because it is the best insulation material but because it is the cheapest insulation material to buy and install. Expertly installed, fiberglass can be a very effective insulation material.

Benefits of Fiberglass

  • Most cost effective solution
  • Cost effective way to upgrade insulation in your walls
  • Moisture and fire resistance
  • Significantly reduces sound transmission

Insulation upgrades coupled with air sealing are among the most cost-effective home retrofits. This simple home improvement sometimes pays for itself in less than a year

According to Natural Resources Canada

All too often we find fiberglass in existing homes has been poorly installed. Air leakage accounts for up to 40% of the heat loss in a home and any gaps between the fiberglass roll and the stud or holes in the air or vapour barrier result in heat loss and potentially water ingress. Damp leads to mold i.e fiberglass is discolored or has become compressed, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of the fiberglass material.


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